Monday, November 30, 2020
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Groupe Renault to supply thousands of Spring and Zoe to Leclerc for hire

As Renault rightly points out in its press release, the ties that unite the diamond to E.Leclerc in terms of virtuous mobility are now old. They are even 10 years old, since the first contract dates back to 2010, when the Zoe was still in gestation. Two years later, the first Zoes entered the fleet of employee cars.

If we had to illustrate to what extent fleet orders for companies and public bodies represent a significant share of electric vehicle registrations in Europe, here is further proof: after Engine’s Peugeot e-208s, here are the Zoe and Spring from Leclerc.

E.Leclerc, which is one of those companies which is targeting a large fleet of charging stations (10,000 within 5 years), has just renewed its agreements with Renault. The diamond manufacturer in fact announces that 4,000 vehicles have been ordered by E.Leclerc Location, the mobility subsidiary of the retail giant.

Some will say that it is rather “unfortunate for French employment”, but it is so: out of the 4000 vehicles ordered, 3000 are Dacia Springs, which, as we recall, are assembled in China. The rest, namely 1000 vehicles, are very French Renault Zoe, these.

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