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Brand new contract, potential MVP … Anthony Davis is he ready to become number 1 in the Lakers?

The Lakers may well be the defending champions, but their appetite is absolutely not sated. Authors of a big offseason, the Angelinos have, moreover, perpetuated the leases of their two superstars. An extension for LeBron James and a beautiful brand new contract for Anthony Davis. If the King cumulates the years on his throne, it is written that a transfer of power will one day occur in California between BronBron, 36 years old at the end of December, and AD, 27 years old… Starting this year?

The champion is fine, thank you for him. Reinforced by notable arrivals like those of Dennis Schroder, Montrezl Harrell or Marc Gasol, the golden side of Los Angeles surveys the world of basketball with a serene gaze. If these arrivals were able to see the light of day, it is because LA has two strong arguments. LeBron James – Anthony Davis. So far, in that order. Playing with a man in the GOAT talk, still in the race for the regular-season MVP at 35 and carrying his team – Finals MVP trophy under his arm – all the way up in the NBA is a project of more interest to many people. ‘a player. Guaranteed to look good this season. However, when citing his favorite for the MVP 2021 trophy, a certain Jared Dudley, member of the Lakers roster, quotes… Anthony Davis. Not a heresy considering the level of play from the inside, but in the race for the prestigious individual trophy, it is always difficult to bet on a horse from a stable that has two, unless you make a choice. So, can AD be the leader of the Angelinos in this 2020-21 season?

Sixth in last year’s Most Valuable Player trophy race, the 27-year-old cyborg knows what it’s like to carry a franchise on his back. He did it for many years with Pelicans not always in working order. Coming to California, he knew that he would not be asked to play this role but that of alternate leader to accompany LeBron. Leader bis? A bit of a loose term to determine Davis’s impact on the most successful franchise in history. We could understand him as a field co-leader, defense boss… of LeBron’s team. It is undeniable, in 2020, the image of the Lakers was that of King James in a series of achievements worthy of Martine: LBJ putting the Lakers at the top of the basketball hierarchy, LBJ honoring the memory of Kobe Bryant by making his triumph. franchise, LBJ winning with a third team, etc… But what about 2021? At peace with himself and having won his bet, the King has less pressure. At almost 36, her goal is clear and unique: the title. For that, it could be well inspired to leave the keys of the truck Purple and Gold to Anthony Davis… for the regular at least. As we know, it is not really the King’s habit to stay in the shadow of another player. For him, work is health and he never seems to feel the accumulation of matches, however after a 2020 title which will have emerged at the end of the year and which will only leave holidays from the end of October to December, the situation could change and Davis could replace LeBron.

Having never tasted the Larry O’Brien Trophy before arriving in Los Angeles, AD had no choice but to bow to the King’s regime to hope to win, even if the two found their balance perfectly. Done, trophy raised, place to follow. And square prime, terrorizing teams across the League with a monumental volume of play and an impressive physical dimension, Davis made the logical choice to sign a brand new contract after refusing his player option. Race results, a five-year contract and $ 190 million.

It is an understatement to say that the future looks golden, in every sense of the word, for Unibrow which is settling here as the centerpiece of the Lakers. The extension of two years at the maximum for LeBron (history of entering serenely into his quarantine) allows to consider a smooth transition to become the face of the franchise. And at the same time, AD “puts the daronne at the shelter” by signing for five years, which will allow him to be able to express himself fully and serenely in the field. Embarrassed this season by glitches in the shoulder and tailbone, not to mention the ankle during the 2020 NBA Finals, and with a history of sores, Davis did not want to take risks for the rest of his career.

“It could have been a contract for two or three seasons but I also had to think about the reality of the facts. I have a little history of injuries, and with a two-year contract, you place a bet on yourself. […] You pray to God and touch wood so that nothing happens. […] I wanted to secure as many years as possible and be here with this team for a long time. “

So, Davis made the choice to ensure his rear for the next four years before looking at a potential fifth if he decides at 31 to lift his player option in 2024. But in the meantime, there are trophies to be found.

Future of the franchise with his five-year contract, Anthony Davis is in full swing prime and would not be against becoming number 1 for the Lakers now. Not easy when you have one (if not the?) Of the greatest all-time players by your side. It’s hard to think LeBron won’t be the King of the Californians but on the pitch, expect to see a Davis more dominant than ever. From there to becoming an MVP?

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Brand new contract, potential MVP … Anthony Davis is he ready to become number 1 in the Lakers?

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