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Brussels asks France to better protect the brown bear

The European Commission asks France to better protect the brown bear in the Pyrenees, including “the state of conservation is still unfavorable“And to follow the” recommendations for reintroduction, according to a letter dated Thursday, December 3.

Three bears have been killed by human hands in the Franco-Spanish massif since the beginning of the year, including one in June on the French side, in Ariège. A bear was killed in November on the Spanish side by a person who pleaded in self-defense. A male had already been killed in early April in Spain. One person was arrested in connection with the investigation into his death.

Brown bears, with a population of around 50, are critically endangered in the Pyrenees. The species is protected. “The conservation status of the brown bear is still unfavorable»In France, notes the European Commission in its letter. «The main difficulty preventing the rapid implementation of reintroduction measures is still the lack of a more favorable discussion climate.», She notes.

The European Commission asks “the follow-up of the reintroduction recommendations carried out by the scientific expertise of the National Museum of Natural History and the implementation of the brown bear action plan 2018-2028».

This plan involves replacing any plantigrade that has died from human activities. It led to the reintroduction in 2018 of two females from Slovenia and more broadly predicted “let go of new individuals»So that the population is viable and to ensure a connection between the two population centers which exist today.

Breeders regularly dispute the presence of the bear, which they accuse of attacking their herds. In 2019, the number of compensated animals amounted to 1173 and 36 hives.

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