Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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Dreame F9 test: the robot vacuum cleaner that wants to make us dream

Thanks to the Time of Flight optical lens placed on the top of the hood and which scans the environment, the F9 can be found in the room without any difficulty.

When launched in Standard mode, which is the default mode, the F9 makes sure to vacuum well in the corners before covering the interior of the zigzag room. In this, the coverage of surfaces is impeccable.

We appreciate all the more that this robot runs from one room to another with ease. He climbs on the thick carpet without any difficulty and passes the slightly high door sills with agility. In short, we don’t have much to say about its navigation.

Obstacle management is optimal. It is very pleasant to note that the F9 scrupulously avoids table legs, furniture, doors or any other rather bulky object that is in its path. We notice that the robot is cautious and slows down its course when it arrives at the edge of obstacles. Unlike the Ecovacs T8, it goes under the curtains and does not perceive them as obstacles.

Let’s not claim victory for all that … The Dreame F9 occasionally carries small objects that are in its path. He does not seem to see the cables and slippers that present themselves to him and that is a pity, since in this case, he must be taken out of these perilous situations so that he resumes his journey.

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