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“Star Académie”: a theme song by Hubert Lenoir, Jérôme 50 and Julyan

“Star Académie” will be entitled to the first original theme song in its history in 2021. Composed by a trio of Hubert Lenoir, Jérôme 50 and Julyan, the hymn already called to become an earworm is called “Now and all over”.

In the past, the Quebec edition of “Star Académie” used already famous Quebec or French arias as a rallying tune (“Et c’est pas fin”, “Un nouveau jour va se lever”, “L’Etoile d ‘ America ”,“ 1000 standing hearts ”,“ You + me ”).

This time, the theme song of the popular show is intended to reflect the approach advocated by “Star Académie” in 2021, which wishes to offer a vast showcase to authors-composers-performers.

It was therefore after a call launched by Productions Déferlantes and Musicor to several Quebec creators, that Hubert Lenoir, Jérôme 50 and Julyan (alias Julien Chiasson, brother of Hubert Lenoir), all three in their twenties, won the bid.


Hubert Lenoir and Jérôme 50 sign the lyrics to “Now and everywhere”, while the music is the work of Hubert Lenoir and Julyan. Robert Robert and Marius Larue contributed to the production and the arrangements.

We will have to wait until the first “Star Académie” gala, on February 14, at 7 p.m., to hear for the first time the famous piece, which is described as “bright, unifying, contagious, frankly modern, and whose the text evokes the impact of music in our lives ”. After that, the air will be distributed in radio stations and on digital platforms, under the Musicor label, and will open all the variety galas on Sunday.


The first “Star Académie” meetings are set for January 17 and 24, at 7 p.m., at TVA, for the “Selection Camp”, bringing together some sixty candidates selected for the auditions. The season will officially start on Sunday February 14, and the daily (Monday to Thursday), the next day, February 15.

Until then, we can still listen on platforms to the revisited version of “Et c’est pas finale”, performed by Alicia Moffet, Sarahmée, Eli Rose, Émile Bilodeau, Mike Clay, Jérôme 50, Luis Clavis and Roxane Bruneau.

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